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Everything began in Florence, a city steeped in fashion that makes it one of the most active in Italy and beyond, indeed it could be stated that Italian haute couture was born in the Tuscan capital in the 1950’s, with the fashion shows in the Sala Bianca (White Room)  of Palazzo Pitti by the famous names resonating down the years. To this splendid backdrop, a group of young Florentines, dedicated to the extraordinary, with a devotion to beauty and a passion for fashion, loyal to the Florentine manufacturing tradition and to the Made in Italy culture, created the Degaia brand.

A bold team, constant work and the desire to experiment led Degaia to make its first steps in the world of fashion.
In 2006 in a small shop, almost akin to an atelier, a true workshop of ideas, this team of professionals specialised in different sectors (from trade to fashion design, graphic design and communication) breathed life into a new world… THEIR world labelled Degaia, synonymous of passion, individuality and an expression of themselves, with the   belief to break rules and tear down barriers.

From the onset Degaia collaborated with many young but well-known international fashion designers to capture trends coming from everywhere, without losing its original character: impeccable quality and  the passion for made in Italy, on which the taste and the product is based.
In 2010 with the opening of a true style office in Italy, in the captivating city of Florence, that marked the beginning of the journey towards the luxury world with new ideas and projects, the brand quickly showed itself capable of creating iconic garments with a tendency towards the idea of extreme luxury, recognisable and appreciated internationally.

The company continued to grow and in 2013 it achieved important targets with the opening of its first official Showroom situated in the centre of Hong Kong, a strategic choice for Degaia, which had always been highly appreciated on the oriental market.
It is with this step that the company presents itself to the world as a distinctive expression of “made in Italy”.

Its successes and its desire to grow created the need to present itself to the world with its true essence, that of Made in Italy, the cornerstone from which everything began; thus in 2014, the first single brand boutique was opened in Italy, in Florence which is considered the birthplace of the brand.
Early approval came from the Italian market, amplified to the full thanks to different publications on the major fashion world journals like the prestigious magazine Vogue.
Its growth continued relentlessly, in 2016 new Flagship Stores opened in Hang Zhou and Macao and in 2017 those of Shanghai and Hong Kong.

The Degaia team’s prerogative is to never rest on their laurels, evolution is continual and incessant, seeking perfection and love for its own clients led the company to also conceive a women’s collection to cover all the market needs, in 2015 the first Degaia woman collection was launched for a fresh, bold and self-confident woman, epitomising strength and resourcefulness.

Over the years, the brand has concentrated on creating a production network on a worldwide scale, guaranteeing the unparalleled level of luxury requested by its demanding clients. The market applauded this interesting reality that combines the modern style, rock and roll with an impeccable quality.
A mixture of ambitions and Italian sartorial art, along with an obsessive care for detail, are the basis of the creative evolution of the Degaia trade mark that is now enjoying huge success on a global level.

An eye on the future with the necessity of looking back, the need to enhance its own history, so that it can improve on it and reinvent itself.
An eye looking beyond the time limits, the present that draws strongly on the past to search for something different, the materials, the shapes and the technologies renew themselves in a futuristic universe, for the joy of everyone who has fallen in love with this magical brand.
Degaia, a style of life born to be an excellent Italian reality capable of mixing the love for art, fashion and design in a single product.

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